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Dealing with Phishing Emails

From time to time you will receive emails which make it into your inbox which you suspect might be junk/spam or could even be phishing emails with malicious intent. If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email program, you can simply drag the email to your Junk Email Folder.
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Annoying Microsoft Bugs

Over the last few years some of Microsoft's more mature products have had radical changes to the user interface, but very little improvement from a usability/functionality stand point.
Windows 8 is one of the more extreme examples and it will be interesting to watch how this all plays out for Microsoft. However this article is about some of the really annoying bugs that frustrate me on a daily basis ...

Cloud Coumputing

July 2011. It is hard to say long term whether cloud computing will take off ...

HTML5 the next major release of HTML

HTML5 is the next major release of HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.
HTML is the main language used for creating web pages. ...
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The death of Flash. Will HTML5 kill Flash?

In my opinion the short answer is probably not. At least not for a few years anyway.
HTML5 has some nice new features, one of the key benefits ...
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